Our Mission

Medicine is at the crossroads of the next set of innovations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Our team comprising of physicians, technology innovation managers from Cleveland Clinic have partnered with machine learning experts from Carnegie Mellon University to create the next generation of AI applications for healthcare.

This collaborative effort across sciences is focused on utilizing sensors, big data and intelligent algorithms to provide meaningful information to the healthcare providers and aide their decision making.  With the implementation and integration of electronic medical records (EMR) there has been a huge surge in data but meaningful use still remains a challenge.  Implementation of EMRs have not decreased the errors in patient safety but only changed its phenotype.

We are at the forefront of creating smart solutions for the clinicians, created by clinicians, innovators and engineers to improve healthcare delivery, remove inefficiencies, decrease cost and enhance patient safety.

Our first joint effort, Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis Engine (AIDE) is being developed to process all available data and provide machine learning support to the clinicians to enhance their cognitive decision making and make it more efficient.